IC Card Horizontal Lock

Most suitable for your Hotel project, this access management system gives you full control over your premises.


  • Insertion of card is available in horizontal and vertical card slot.
  • Different functions of RFID card to control access based on your type of guests and employees.
  • Audit Trail of 400 records gives you detail information on access of your premises, giving you the edge in case of any eventuality.
  • The lock indicates low voltage before more than 50 additional accesses, as a reminder to the user to replace batteries before lock out.
  • Energy Management system help saves power while your guests are away, reducing your operational cost.
  • Integration of Elevator Management gives you complete access control. You may decide over the access areas or floors based on your type of guests and employees.
  • Trusted Brand with international certifications as per European and American standards to ensure complete peace of mind.

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