A perfect combination of strength and class, Citadel is a fire and burglar resistant safe that is aesthetically pleasing and comes with Dual Control Gordian Lock.


  • It is a fully welded multi-bend body.
  • Rear end of the door acts as continuous dead bolts.
  • Gordian locking system requires 2 keys to access the safe.
  • Strong double-walled construction with an attractive metallic grey powder coated finish.
  • It is available with an adjustable shelf for greater convenience.


Model / Type Height Width Depth Net Weight Volume Body Thickness
Wall Door
Citadel – 40 330 450 385 40 28 3 6
Citadel – 45 475 490 415 55 33 3 6

Customer Segment

Financial Institutions, Post Office, Government Offices, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Private Offices, Insurance Companies, Private Offices and personal homes.

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