Namaste’s design is inspired by warm and welcoming hands folded together in greeting. The traditional gesture of Namaste sends a feeling of warmth and grace that is well replicated by this series of desking solutions.


  • Foldable desks and seats for ease of operation
  • Space saving design that creates walking space when desk and seats are in folded position
  • Ergonomically calculated desk and seat distance that ensures good posture
  • Plug and play feature built-in for laptops, LCDs, and other audio visual equipment facilitating an interactive learning experience
  • Offered as a set of front, middle, and rear units. Middle units offered in multiple seating capacities
  • Front unit comes equipped with modesty panel, Middle unit with a common panel for better space utilization, and rear units sport a back support for additional comfort
  • Grouted understructure to ensure durability and robustness in design
  • Hooks on sides of desks to allow hanging of bags and other personal items
  • Cushioned seats for comfort during long periods of use

Available in 2, 3, and 4 seater configurations



Dimensions in mm
Height Width


2-seater Front

890 1374 698.5
2-seater Middle 890 1374


2-seater Rear

890 1374 751
3-seater Front 890 2044


3-seater Middle

890 2044 1079.5
3-seater Rear 890 2044


4-seater Front

890 2713 698.5

4-seater Middle

890 2713


4-seater Rear 890 2713


Customer Segment

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Learning Centers, Training Centers, Auditoriums, Educational Institutions, Workshop and Seminar Venues, Event Venues

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