Godrej Milfare Energy Saving Device

Godrej offers a full range of in-room hospitality accessories, and Energy Control Unit is included, this is the prefect solution to provide convenience to your guests and saving energy and money when guests are not in room.

Compatible with the same Godrej room keycard, and intelligent to differentiate different room guest keycards, so as to limit the use of air conditioning and other electrical equipment in the room only to right room number hotel guest.


  • Highest voltage: 250V
  • Maximum current: 40A
  • Indicator light: Actual operation light color: Blue Light is on when power off. Light off when power is on.
  • Maximum load power: 6.600KVA (resistive load) 40A*220V=6600W/6600KVA
  • Cards supported: S50 Milfare cards

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