• Aldrop bolt for added security form inside
  • Three Deadbolts with Double throw feature ensures higher security.
  • Strong Sheet Metal Body
  • Long lasting Satin Nickel finish
  • Aesthetically designed body with soft round edges


Product Code

Product Type Back set (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Door Type Color


1CK 69 25 to 60 Wooden Satin Nickel
8157 2C 69 25 to 60 Wooden

Satin Nickel

8160 2C 69 25 to 60 Wooden

Antique Finish


1CK = Operable by key from outside and knob from inside

2C = Operable by key from outside and inside.

Backset = The horizontal distance from the nearest door edge to the centre of the keyhole.



Locking Feature

Product code

Product type Locking mechanism Safety catch Deadlocking internal Deadlocking external


1CK Latchbolt/Deadbolt/Aldropbolt Knob Knob


8157/8160 2C Latchbolt/Deadbolt/Aldropbolt Knob Key


Security Feature

Product code

Drill resistant Pick resistant Force resistant Corrosion Resistance Master key control Warranty

Customer Segment

  • Suitable for main doors in flats,bungalows, hotels, farmhouse, offices etc.
  • Suitable for 35mm to 45 mm thick doors.
  • Left and right handed inside/outside opening door.

 Also Available in Pentabolt Deadbolt

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