• Made from superior raw materials – brass extruded three bolts and sheet metal components to provide extra strength
  • Convenient hold-back feature prevents inadvertent ‘lock out’ situations
  • Aldrop bolt provides added security and prevents it from being opened even by its own key (added privacy function)
  • Aesthetically designed with soft rounded edges to match door decor
  • Scratch-resistant, long-lasting satin-nickel finish with clear protective coating
  • Can be fitted in place of Godrej 7″ lever Night Latch with the help of Ultra Retrofit Adaptor
  • Unpickable high-quality 14-pair pin tumbler mechanism offers optimum security
  • Over 100 million key combinations
  • Smooth reversible key for convenient operation
  • Exclusive dimple key system
  • Operating pins and keys manufactured from special nickel-silver alloy
  • Corrosion-free brass cylinder for enhanced durability



Security : Level 2


Product Code Product Type Back set (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Door Type



1CK 69 25 to 60 Wooden Satin Nickel


2C 69 25 to 60 Wooden Satin Nickel


1CK 69 25 to 60 Wooden Beige Brown
8137 2C 69 25 to 60 Wooden

Beige Brown

8111 1CK 69 25 to 60 Wooden

Antique Brass

8115 2C 69 25 to 60 Wooden

Antique Brass


1CK = Operable by key from outside and knob from inside

2C = Operable by key from outside and inside.

Backset = The horizontal distance from the nearest door edge to the centre of the keyhole.

Locking Feature

Product code

Product type Locking mechanism Safety catch Deadlocking internal Deadlocking external


1CK Latchbolt/deadbolt Knob Knob


8130/8137/8115 2C Latchbolt/deadbolt Knob Key


Security Feature

Product code Pick resistant Force resistant Corrosion Resistance Master key control Warranty


Entrance Door

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