9 Mantras for Selection of Locks

Key Combination and Inter-changeability

Key combination stands for how unique your key is and the number of times the same key is repeated for another lock. Godrej Ultra, Godrej Ultra EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej I-Secure series of locks have one of the highest key combinations in India.

“Higher the key combination, safer is your home.”


Non-duplication of the key

Just in case you lose your key, it is all the more difficult for someone to duplicate it if it is made with a higher technology. Godrej Ultra, Godrej Ultra EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej I-Secure series of locks have a high degree of non-duplicability.

“Higher the technology, greater is the possibility of non duplication of your key.”


Unpickability of a lock

Unpick ability means:-

  1. The lock cannot be opened using any foreign material.
  2. Duplicate key cannot be made without the original key.

Godrej Ultra, Godrej EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej l-Button series of locks are very difficult to pick.

“Higher the technology, greater is the Unpickability of the lock.”


Master Keying Ability

Lock made using this technology allow the user to have a single key for a maximum set of locks used, provided the locks are of the same technology level.

“Higher the technology, larger is the set of locks that can have one master key.”


Strength of the Lock Body

When an intruder is not able to pick any lock, he uses force to break or damage the lock to gain entry. A good, sturdy lock will always prevent forced entry. All Godrej locks undergo thorough & rigorous life cycle tests, as well as load-bearing tests to prove their strength before they reach to you.



A good and trustworthy brand like Godrej makes all the difference.


Warranty / Guarantee

This shows the company’s confidence in its product and gives you the trust to buy it. Godrej is the first company in India to give 15 years guarantee for Godrej Ultra locks.



Always select the lock of a company that provides you with good, after sales service such as:-


Emergency opening.

Key duplication.


Godrej provides you with all of the above services.


Value for money

Value for money should be judged by the life cycle of the lock. The price you pay for the lock should not only benefit you but also your generations.

For any clarification or information with respect to the above mentioned Nine Mantras, please call the Godrej locking solutions expert.