25 - 29 September 2013, Bhrikutimandap

nce participated in the 2nd Annual Furniture and Furnishing Expo – FURNEX Nepal organized by the Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association. Godrej office & home furniture, electronic and mechanical safes and high security locking systems were on display during the 4 day event.
nce provided the public with a premium showcasing of its superiority in various segments.
Godrej “Centurion”, the premium steel cupboard in bright burgundy and mystic purple with a secret locker & Evva key, a patented lock.
The “Urban” sofa provided in various colors and materials offers a 7 years warranty, and is trouble-free to remove the sofa cover for an easy wash.
New locking systems like the Altrix, Astro, I-Secure Rim Lock & I-Secure Keypad Lock having application on Main Doors of homes & offices were appreciated and admired by many. The Godrej brand is not just associated with durability and security, but also comfort, accessibility and aesthetics.
We thank FURNEX Nepal for the opportunity to cover ground in various sectors and industries resulting in expansion of our existing network of clients and admirers.