26 March 2010, Hattiban

To mark the auspicious occasion and achievement of our successful 50 years of operation, all the NCE members visited the serene Hattiban Resort for a 2 days event, comprising of fun & games, team building workshops and an awards ceremony.
An nce50 logo was created for the event, making it’s appearances on banners all over the resort, giveaway t-shirts, and limited edition wristwatches were gifted to our employees.
nce founder, Mr. Raj Krishna Shrestha, gave a motivational speech electrifying the nce team to continue the legacy, presenting the employee appreciation awards and personally thanked and welcomed each new member to the nce family.
Team building exercises were carried out amongst different divisions and the winners were rewarded with exclusive prizes, resulting in great smiles and good memories. Bingo and various board games were organized during the evening, creating an atmosphere of comradery amongst all nce members.
Our Managing Director, Mr. B. K. Shrestha brought the successful and fun-filled event to a close, thanking all its members for making nce what it is today. Mr. Shrestha believes our values and work ethics shall assist us in reaching greater heights in the coming future.