19-20th February 2015, Nagarkot

A Corporate Holiday weekend was organized at Chautari Paradise Inn, Nagarkot on 19th – 20th February, 2015. The event commenced at NCE, Head Office, Pulchowk with distribution of company merchandise followed by an authentic Newari breakfast.

Upon reaching the glorious hills of Nagarkot, our Managing Director, Mr. B.K. Shrestha took the opportunity to formally commence the Corporate Holiday Weekend with an opening speech commending on the growth of NCE in recent years especially in the retail segment.

Our General Manager, Mr. G.M. Maharjan, took to the podium relaying the upgrade in our service and logistic division, thanking our NCE teams for their endurance and hard work.

Mr. P.K. Shrestha, Dy. General Manager of Sales & Marketing also thanked the faculty for their outstanding efforts and support along with the future plans of NCE for the development of the community and detail focus on developing markets.

An awards ceremony was organized thereafter, distributing 15 different awards based on individual efforts, sincerity, achievements and years of service. Recognition of talented individuals but also People’s Choice award was much appreciated by the nce family. The day progressed with team building exercises and topic discussions and came to an end with a few rounds of lively bingo by the evening over drinks and dinner.

The next day started off with an enjoyable hike in the foothills of Nagarkot followed by Lunch. Upon our descent, we visited the historic city of Bhaktapur, enjoying the famous Juju Dhau (Yogurt) and a pilgrimage to the famous Doleshwor Mahadev Temple, Shipadol on our return to Kathmandu.

Our successful Corporate Holiday Weekend came to an end with a closing speech by our Managing Director followed by a company dinner in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.