25 September 2014, New Road Complex
New Road, Kathmandu

NCE in partnership with Lasakusa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., was able to bring back the presence of Godrej to the busiest shopping district of Kathmandu. Since the establishment of NCE, four outlets were in operation, one of which was in Ranjana Hall premises, New Road. With a fresh survey of the Kathmandu market, New Road emerged as one of the prospective area for development, thus NCE approached to set up an outlet, reviving the old history it has had in New Road from the 1960’s. Godrej outlet located in the recently opened “New Road Complex” has been able to catch the attention of many shoppers, sharing our knowledge regarding the quality, durability, easy access, audit trailing and most importantly, the certification of these products, which segregates Godrej from the local brands. We assure our customers that our products can perform under pressure during thefts, attacks, mishaps or fire.