Ace along with its highly customizable features brings the European sense of style to Nepal. With comfort and productivity as key focuses in its design, Ace brings a different energy to the workspace.


  • Contoured foam seat to cover higher surface contact area for increased comfort
  • Active Bio-Synchromechanism with automatic back tilt tension adjustment
  • Seat glide tilting mechanism ensures proper lower back support
  • The Bio-Flex lumbar support self-adjusts to provide uniform support to the lumbar in any tilt position
  • Saddle support PU topped adjustable armrests provide soft contours at all contact points
  • 100% VOC free powder coating finish
  • 98% Recyclable
  • Designed for durability with easy part replacement
  • 100% Specialized GreenGuard compliant material



Dimensions in cm
Height Width Depth

Seat Height

Mid Back


High Back


Customer Segment

Corporate Offices, Banks, Insurance Companies, Universities, Private Offices, NGOs, INGOs, Embassy, Telecom Companies, Finance Institutions.

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