The Diva is flawlessly designed with a strong foundation of human engineering. Diva borrows human engineering concepts to ergonomically maximize efficiency by means of comfort and is perfect for fast paced, highly demanding work environment.


  • Permanent Contact Mechanism:

Has an option of a permanent contact mechanism, which allows the back to flex naturally as you recline, for maximum comfort and relief.

  • Plastic Seat/Back Cover:

Specially designed plastic seat/back cover to give a modern and aesthetic look.

  • Pronged Base:

5- pronged base for better stability of the chair

  • Ergonomic Back:

Ergonomically designed back-support to support your back avoiding strain.

  • Moulded Foam:

The seat and the backrest are made up of moulded polyurethane foam with precise density and thickness, which not only gives you a soft feeling on first contact but also provides a firm support to ensure hours of comfortable seating.

  • Pneumatic height adjustment:

At a press of a lever, you can adjust the seat of the chair to your required height. It also provides a cushioning effect each time you sit, preventing sudden jerks to your body.



Dimensions in cm
Height Width Depth

Seat Height


87.0-99.5 64.0 64.0



81.0-93.5 64.0 64.0



81.5 54.0 54.0


Customer Segment

Schools, Universities, Government Offices, Banks, Insurance companies, NGOs, INGOs and Finance Institutions.


PCH-7044T Models come without features such as height adjustability and wheels

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