Multipurpose 5 (MPC-5)

The MPC-5, also known as the Infinity range is a vibrant and playful, versatile range of multipurpose seating. The durable materials of this cost-effective and lightweight series make it sturdy and easy to maintain. The MPC-5 has a multitude of pastel color options that complement the décor of any workplace.


  • Ergonomically Designed:

Designed around the theories of ergonomics for maximum comfort

  • Tougher Shell:

40% tougher than others available in the market guaranteeing maximum durability

  • Moulded chairs:

The shells of the MPC chairs are moulded from tough polypropylene, making it less susceptible to cracks and allows for multiple bright color options.

  • Understructure:

The shells of these chairs are fixed to the understructure by a unique arrangement to prevent breakage at the joints.

  • Stackable:

Easily stackable, requiring minimal space during storage

  • Scratch-resistant:

Coats of superior alky-amino paint in matte black color and oven backed for a smooth, scratch-resistant and long lasting finish



Dimensions in cm
Height Width Depth

Seat Height


77.0 45.0 44.0



80.5 52.0 54.5



79.0 47.0 48.5


Customer Segment

Government Offices, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Private Offices, NGOs and INGOs.

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