Premium Executive Series

Premium Executive Series are designed to enhance individual productivity and efficiency and providing extreme comfort. There is a lot of human engineering involved in perfecting the design for this series. Every aspect of the chair has been designed to effectively carry out a specific function.


  • Center Tilt Mechanism:

The adjustable tilting mechanism is responsive to body movement. Ideal for when you feel the need to recline or rest.

  • Tilt Locking:

The upright lock facility provides needed support for more concentrated work by locking the tilting mechanism. The tilt tension can be adjusted to suit your weight and preferences.

  • Moulded Foam:

The seat and the backrest are made up of moulded polyurethane foam of the right density and thickness, which not only gives you a soft feeling on first contact but also provides a firm support to ensure hours of comfortable sitting.

  • Pneumatic height adjustment:

At a press of a lever, you can adjust the seat of the chair to your required height, thanks to the advanced pneumatic height adjustment facility. It also provides a cushioning effect each time you sit, preventing sudden jerks to your body.

  • Swivel Mechanism:

The swivel mechanism allows for a complete 360 degree lateral movement. This prevents you from straining over your shoulders and back to reach out for papers and phones kept on either side of your table, ensuring mobility while working.

  • Twin wheel castors:

The twin wheel castors facilitate ease of movement.

100% VOC free powder coating

Knock-down design reducing transportation emissions

Designed for long life and easy part replacement

99% recyclable

Available in Very High Back, High Back, Mid Back, and Visitor with and without armrests



Dimensions in cm




Seat Height

Very High Back

103.0-115.5 75.0 75.0 44.0-56.5

High Back





Mid Back

80.5-92.5 75.0 75.0


Visitor w/ armrest 80.5 55.0 61.0


Visitor w/o armrest

80.5 55.0 61.0


Customer Segment

Government Offices, Insurance Companies, Banks, Hospitals, Schools & Universities, NGOs and INGOs.


*Visitor Models come without features such as height adjustability and wheels

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