A unique design served to store and secure handy cash or valuable possessions for small businesses, shop owners and homes.


  • Single Plate multi bend construction with rigid steel lid, double bent along its locking edge. It has an attractive hammer tone Powder Coated finish for a durable aesthetics.
  • Sturdy bolt work secured by a 6 – Lever lock.
  • A three compartment Coin Slot Tray is provided inside.
  • It comes with a detachable anchor plate for easy fixing & unfixing on a table/platform for a day operation.


Model Height Width Depth Net Weight
Cash Box 150 355 255 13

Customer Segment

Shops, Mall outlets, Departmental Stores, Warehouse, Banks, Cash Counters, Hospitals, Cash Counters, Restaurant, Schools, NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations), INGO (International Non-Governmental Organizations), Museums, Book Stores, Exhibitions &Fairs and private households.

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