Rs. 32,318

NX Pro Home lockers are compact, secure and affordable option to safeguard your valuables. Equipped with a Nickle-Plated corrosion resistant lock, it has the key to secure your belongings and the power to make way for a tension free lifestyle.

Material type: Mild steel, Shape: Cuboidal ; Volume: 25Litres & Weight: 10Kg.

Opens with a 4-6 digit password ; Push-button keypad ; Digital locking mechanism ; Automatic freeze ; It has a low battery indicator, an audit trail facility.

Mechanical override incase password is forgotten.

Non-volatile memory prevents password erasure when the battery is low.

Low battery Indicator

Auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts.

Enabled with a master password

USB data retrieval

Interior carpet

Includes: 1 Safe, 2 Grouting bolts, 1 Allen Key, Manual and Warranty Card.

Customer Segment

Corporate Offices, Shops, Telecom & Government offices, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Factories & Warehouses, Petrochemical Industries, Private Businesses, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, INGO, NGO, Hotels, Restaurants & private households.

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