Optimizer is a modern concept high density storage system that eradicates the limitations of traditional storage solutions. With a well thought out design and sturdy construction the Optimizer maximizes space utility yet maintains a clutter-free storage environment.


  • Designed for durability with easy part replacement
  • Utilizes common aisle space minimizing the overall spatial requirement
  • PU Drive wheel for firm grip and hassle-free mobility
  • Channel stoppers designed to prevent derailment
  • Label holders with transparent acrylic sheets for easy organizing and identification
  • Shims provided for proper levelling of rails
  • Available in drive and push-pull type models
  • Specialized healthcare accessories available
  • 100% VOC free powder coating finish
  • 98% recyclable

Locking System

  • Rotating lock with easy locked/unlocked identifier
  • Locking stiffeners for centralized locking to ensure safety of documents

Customer Segment

Private Offices, Institutions, Banks, NGO/INGOs, Government Offices, Embassies


NCE, according to your floor plan and requirements will propose a design to ensure optimal use of space for the installation of an optimizer.

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